Hong Kong Hachiban Co., Ltd. has been operating in Hong Kong since 2003 as a joint venture company with Japan Hachiban Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Japan, Hachiban is one of the ten most successful companies in Hokuriku, Japan. The business devel-opment strategy focuses on Japanese catering, food manufacturing, and retailing. For 53 years, it has been committed to popularizing delicious and healthy food culture. And caring for society is also one of the company’s core values. It often donates food, assists charities, etc., so the company has won many awards such as; community care shops, care companies, community caring merchants, etc.

Hachiban Co., Ltd. originated in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan. Hachiban is one of the ten most successful companies in Hokuriku, Japan. It is well-known for chain ramen brands and high-end izakayas.
Hachiban Group has 8 catering chain brands, and the following 3 brands in Hong Kong:



  • Best SME’s Award 2016
  • Caring Company 2016/ 2017
  • Certificate of Participation Children’s Forest Program The Green Wave 2016
  • Community Caring Shop 2016/2017
  • Creating Shared Value for Business Awards (Hong Kong)
  • Family Festival Thankful Certificate
  • Golden Horse Award of China Hotel
  • Partner Employer Awards

HACHIBAN CO., LTD. (Headquarter in Japan)

With a 53-year history, Hachiban was founded in 1967 and opened a small ramen shop along Route 8 in Kaga City, Ishikawa City, Japan. Its unique vegetable ramen is loved by customers and is becoming famous.
Although this is a neat little shop with 25 seats, more than 300 bowls of ramen are sold every day. During lunch and dinner, the number of seat-turns is higher than 10 rounds per seat.
The owner and founder of the Hachiban Ramen Group, Mr. ChoujiGoto, named “Ha-chiban Ramen” after Route 8. He focuses on the cooking of vegetable ramen and is keen to popularize healthy ramen culture.
In 2004, Hachiban Co., Ltd. was the first catering company listed on JASDAQ in Hoku-riku, Japan. Local media reports:

  • One of the Top IO successful companies in Hokuriku;
  • Ranked No. 8 based on the number of stores overseas; and
  • Ranked No. 2 based on number of stores in Asia.

Currently, Hachiban has extended its solid footprints to another 4 continents, Thail-and, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.