53 years of authentic Japanese ramen brand

Hachiban has been focusing on authentic Japanese ramen for 53 years. It has more than 278 branches around the world and a team of more than 100 professional chefs. They devote their efforts and enthusiasm day and night, just to develop the world’s first delicious and healthy ramen for everyone to enjoy.

Soup base: 100% pure tonkatsu soup base, with a 53-year-old formula, it takes 24 hours to make an authentic pure natural tonkatsu soup, which is fresh and sweet, and mellow

Ramen: Japan’s three major flour suppliers [Nissin] made Q-rolled noodles with exclusive recipes for the special “No. 8” flour for Hachiban with exclusive high-quality purified water. In addition to being smooth and elastic, it can also roll an appropriate amount of pork bone soup in each noodle. It brings out the delicious combination of noodles and soup.

Sauce: “Naogen” has always been our good partner. They have 400 years of brewing history and 190 years of brand experience. This is the No.1 soy sauce brand in Hokuriku, Japan.

Mixed-Vegetable Ramen: Hachiban has been insisting on promoting a healthy diet culture since its inception. Mixed-vegetable ramen insists on using fresh and high-quality vegetables. A bowl of wild vegetable ramen contains half a day’s vegetable intake for adults.

Hachiban gathers the advantages of all parties, 53 years of intensive research, insists on using high-quality materials, insists on making each portion of wild vegetable ramen fresh.