On February 11, Showa 42 (1967), a shop was opened along National Highway No. 8 in Kaga City, Japan. It attracted a large number of customers with mixed vegetables ramen. It has only 25 seats and can sell 300 bowls of ramen every day. It is named Hachiban Ramen after Highway 8. The owner And the founder Mr. Chouji Goto focuses on the cooking of vegetable ramen and is keen to popularize healthy ramen culture. After 50 years of development, the new brand Hachiban Menkoubou was registered in Yata Department Store in early 2017. In addition to the core daily fresh homemade noodles, pure natural pork bone soup, and mixed vegetable ramen, the brand’s characteristics are also cooperated with the No.1 soy sauce in Hokuriku, Japan. The brand “Naogen” cooperated to create more varied ramen experiences.