VISION and VALUES [Tasty innovator]

“VALUE-FOR-MONEY” with quality food is always the very first priority of Hachiban to strive for on an ongoing basis. Hachiban embraces the belief of building mutual trust among the customers, suppliers and employees by forming a closed bond to each other over the daily business operations, in which this has been the clear company value being perceived in the local community.

“CHANGE” is also the main principle of Hachiban’s business attitude that Hachiban is always ready to change for continuous improvement, new challenges and development.

Therefore, Hachiban’s business is built on our guest’s happiness and satisfaction by providing price to value catering experience on fair conditions with the company.

Hachiban embraces the “Real Taste” of our nature which is the ground of its vision of being a pioneer and practitioner of innovating palate. All of its merchandising / menu strategies are developed for aiming this vision. We strongly believe that this is our obligation to achieve the company’s goals; and contribute towards the community at the end by transmitting the delicious and healthy food culture for mass public globally.

The red color of the Hachiban logo represents:

  • Emphasis of people communication engagement.
  • Innovating the palate.
  • The expansibility, innovation, familiarity and passion.

Strategic Framework